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Hello everyone,

It was budget week in the Senate. On Monday, after the House passed the Long Bill and the orbital bills on third reading, the budget package moved over to the Senate where it followed a similar schedule as in the House. In the end, the Senate adopted 19 of 50 amendments to the Long Bill (eight of which were the same as amendments adopted in the House). These 19 amendments put the budget out of balance by approximately $30 million. This week, the JBC will meet as the conference committee on the Long Bill to work out the differences between the chambers and ensure that the budget is balanced.

However, the budget was not the only thing going on last week. On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee amended SB 090 Possess Identification While Driving and referred it to the Senate floor. SB 090 is a CSP Agenda Bill and is also supported by the CSPA. As introduced, SB 090 would have increased the failure of a driver to provide identification to a peace officer from a class A traffic infraction to a class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense. However, due to opposition, the Committee amended the bill to provide that a peace officer shall issue a written notice or summons for failing to provide identifying information to the peace officer and shall not arrest the person but may detain the person to ascertain the person’s identity. SB 090 is expected to be heard on second reading in the Senate this week.

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee amended HB 1372 Regulating Law Enforcement Use of Prone Restraint. The CSPA has an amend position on HB 1372. As introduced, HB 1372 would have prohibited a peace officer or a detention facility guard from using prone restraint, unless the officer or guard was justified in using deadly force. The House Judiciary Committee amended HB 1372 to eliminate the prohibition and instead require all Colorado law enforcement agencies to adopt written policies and procedures concerning the use of prone restraint and post the policies and procedures on the agency’s website. HB 1372 will next be heard in the House Appropriations Committee.

The highlight of the week took place on Thursday afternoon when the Governor signed our agenda bill, HB 1139 Death Benefit for State Employee Surviving Spouse. HB 1139 will allow the surviving spouse of a state employee who worked in a high-risk job classification to receive their death benefit for life regardless of whether they remarry. This will allow surviving spouses to move forward with their lives while maintaining their financial security.

So far, there have been 639 bills introduced – 440 in the House and 199 in the Senate. Only 30 days until the General Assembly is required to adjourn sine die.

Bill Skewes

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