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Every day, Colorado State Troopers help people. We help protect the citizens of our state, and safeguard the motoring public that travels our roadways. We are the guardians of Colorado’s well-being. It’s a tall order, and it demands a high degree of professionalism, courage, and commitment.

The Colorado State Patrol Association is the guardian of the men and women who have accepted the challenge to provide professional law enforcement services to the people of Colorado. The Association’s membership is comprised of Troopers, Port of Entry Officers, Communication Officers, Capitol Security Guards and Civilians.

The Colorado State Patrol Association’s Vision Statement is:

“To be a strong association with a committed, elected leadership team that supports, informs, and advocates for our members and the potential challenges to their compensation, benefits, and the retirement security that they have earned.”

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Over 85 years of history...

Previously known as the Patrol Protective Association, or “PPA”, and then ACSPP, we have served our members since 1936 , providing benefits and protective features that cannot be supplied by the Colorado State Patrol.

Providing support to CSP employees and their families




2022 Legislative Agenda


My name is Bill Skewes, and I am the contract lobbyist for the CSPA. As part of the CSPA’s website, I will be posting updates about what is going on at the state Capital during the legislative session.

The second regular session of the Colorado’s 73rd General Assembly convened on Wednesday, January 12th. Unlike the last two years when the state was under a declared state health emergency, this year’s 120-day session will run consecutively. This means the General Assembly must adjourn sine die before midnight on May 11th.

As for what to expect this session, one of the CSPA’s priorities will be the passage of House Bill 22-1029. HB 1029 will repay the $225 million transfer to PERA that was cancelled in fiscal year 2020-21. Senate Bill 18-200 committed the State to transferring $225 million to PERA each year to help ensure the long-term health of PERA. However, because of the anticipated budget shortfall, the legislature skipped the transfer in fiscal year 2020-21 to help balance the state budget. The result of skipping this one transfer is anticipated to have an approximate $900 million impact on PERA long term. As a result, passage of HB 1029 will help ensure the long-term health of CSPA members’ retirement.

The CSPA’s other priorities this session include approval of the 3% across-the-board salary increases for state employees that Governor Polis included in his budget request for next year and increasing comm officer pay. I anticipate there will be 600 to 700 bills introduced this session and I will review each one to determine if it will impact the CSPA membership. In addition, I will continue to work with legislators and our partners in the law enforcement community to ensure the interests of the CSPA membership are well-represented at the Capitol.


-Bill Skewes

A Memorial to our fallen heroes...

The Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial is located in a small grove of trees at the State Patrol Academy, located at 15055 South Golden Road, Golden, CO, 80401. The memorial was erected in 1979 as a tribute to Colorado’s fallen peace officers.

Each May, a ceremony is held to honor the officers listed on the memorial and to add any new names from the previous calendar year.

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