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“Our family supporting yours…”

Previously known as the Patrol Protective Association, or “PPA”, the Association has served its members since 1936, by providing benefits and protective features that cannot be supplied by the Colorado State Patrol. The Association is a 501 (c) 5 non-profit public service organization that focuses on providing its members with an improved quality of life. Member benefits include a life insurance policy, a legal defense plan, supplemental insurance plans, access to scholarship and teen driving programs, access to Colorado State Patrol merchandise, a subscription to The Colorado State Patrol Magazine, and many other benefits.

The mission of the Colorado State Patrol Association is:

“To represent the collective interests of patrol personnel in matters involving compensation, benefits, and the retirement security they have earned

To offer members access to legal counsel during critical incident(s), administrative, disciplinary, criminal, civil, and traffic matters that occur in the line of duty

To promote a positive image of the Colorado State Patrol and support its members and their families.”

“In the United States, state police power comes from the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, which gives states the rights and powers “not delegated to the United States.” States are thus granted the power to establish and enforce laws protecting the welfare, safety, and health of the public.


With this power comes intense scrutiny from the public and elected officials. This is why the Association makes sure the voice of its members is heard, not just through our lobbyist or a department spokesperson, but through our member-driven Association. The role of the Association President is here to be that voice, to stand tall, and to make sure our perspective and view is carried forward for serious consideration.



Having spent two plus decades in service to the State of Colorado, balancing time between rural, metro, specialty, and field positions, it is my stated goal to best represent our collective interests as President of the Association.”

-Larry Oletski, President 

Legal Protections
Insurance Solutions
Hardships & Scholarhips

Supporting our members …

We are a 501(c)(5) non-profit public service organization whose mission is to represent the collective interest of our members in matters involving compensation, benefits, and retirement security.
Vision Statement

To be a strong Association with a committed, elected leadership team that supports, informs, and advocates for our members the potential challenges to their compensation, benefits, and the retirement security that they have earned.

Our Board of Directors…

Lawrence Oletski


Randy Belisle

Vice President/District 2 Representative

Nathan Emery

Treasurer/Noncommissioned Officers Representative

Joelle Ventura

Secretary/District 3 Representative

Ashley Hokenstad

District 1 Representative

Megan Boerwinkle

District 4 Representative


District 5 Representative

Angela DeGuelle

Board Member at Large

Thomas Major

Executive Security Branch Representative

LeMarcus Bullock

Special Services Representative

Nathan Lyons

Commissioned Officers Representative

Jason Quinonez

Port of Entry Representative

Sandi Youngs

Communications Representative

Angelina Page

Civilian Representative

Sheryl Lopez

Civilian Representative

Brett Mattson

Retirees Representative

Betsy Grimsley

Administrative Staff

John Takahashi

Project Manager

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