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I won’t bury the lede…unfortunately, the JBC did not get to figure setting for the State Patrol this past Friday as scheduled. The House spent most of the day debating bills Democrats believe will increase affordable housing in Colorado. The most controversial of these bills was HB 1115 which will remove the statutory prohibition on counties and municipalities from enacting rent control on residential properties. The House did not adjourn until a few minutes before 6 pm. The JBC will likely have figure setting for the State Patrol Monday or Tuesday at which time they will make decisions on the Patrol’s decision items for FY 2023-24, including the request for more money to increase trooper pay.

On Thursday, Democrats introduced four of their much-anticipated gun violence prevention bills. HB 1219 Waiting Period to Deliver a Firearm establishes a waiting period of three days, or the time required to complete the required background check, whichever is longer, for delivery of a firearm by a seller to a purchaser. SB 168 Gun Violence Victim’s Access to Judicial System is designed to make it easier for victims of gun violence to sue manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers of firearms and ammunition. SB 169 Increasing Minimum Age to Purchase a Firearm increases the age to intentionally or knowingly purchase or possess any firearm to 21. SB 169 includes exceptions for hunting, while under the direct supervision of an immediate family member who is 25 or older, and for active U.S. military members and peace officers. SB 170 Extreme Risk Protection Order Petitions (aka, the “red flag” law) expands the list of individuals who can petition for an extreme protection order to include licensed medical care providers, licensed mental healthcare providers, licensed educators, and district attorneys. Rumors are still swirling about the most controversial of the Democrats’ gun bills, the assault weapons ban, and whether it will be introduced this session.

So far, there have been 389 bills introduced – 219 in the House and 170 in the Senate. Only 70 days until the General Assembly is required to adjourn sine die.

Bill Skewes

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