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Hello everyone,

We are almost six weeks into the 2024 legislative session. On Monday, our priority bill, HB 1139 Death Benefit for State Employee Surviving Spouse, passed the House 56 to 8. It was later introduced in the Senate and assigned to the Senate Business Committee but has not yet been calendared.

On Thursday, the supplemental bill for the Department of Public Safety, HB 1197, passed the Senate. HB 1197 does not make any changes to the State Patrol’s current-year budget. HB 1197 together with the other supplemental bills now head to the Governor for his consideration. Also on Thursday, the CSPA Board of Directors met and took positions on bills. The CSPA will be supporting the following bills: HB 1135 will increase the penalty for failing to comply with a lawful warrant to draw blood and increase the time someone is required to use an interlock device; HB 1219 will make helpful changes to first responder employer health benefit trusts; SB 090 will restore the penalty for failing to provide ID to a peace officer to a class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense; and SB 100 expands CDOT’s authority to require certain equipment (i.e., chains) to I-25, and any interstate, U.S. highway, and state highway west of I-25, as well as other commercial vehicle safety measures.

As for this week, both the House and Senate are not convening today in observance of Presidents’ Day. On Tuesday, HB 1016 that defines an Emergency Communications Specialist as a first responder, and that the CSPA supports, will be heard in the Senate Local Government Committee. On Thursday, the Joint Budget Committee is scheduled to consider figure setting recommendations for the State Patrol’s budget for next year.

So far, there have been 472 bills introduced – 312 in the House and 160 in the Senate. Only 79 days until the General Assembly is required to adjourn sine die.

Bill Skewes

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